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Mayela Solorio

Family Constellation and Spiritual Coach


About me

Mayela Grisel Solorio Peñaloza is a licensed International Relations graduate from UNAM. She holds certifications in Family Constellations, Emotional Biodecoding, Angel Therapy, and Holistic Ceremony Guidance. Transitioning from a 16-year career in banking due to health challenges, she found solace in spiritual practice. Despite adversity, she achieved professional success and resolved health issues through spiritual focus, leading her to become a consecrated healer, transforming her life and aiding others in their healing journey. Her core values of happiness, personal growth, and service drive her as a spiritual companion, committed to aiding others in their journey. Inspired by various spiritual practitioners, she aims to broaden her healing impact while staying open to growth and community contributions.


Family Constellations (BIOSOPHIA School)

Emotional Biodecoding (Pablo Vázquez KUNZ School)

Angel Therapy (VITUND School)

Holistic Ceremony Guide (VITUND School)

Family Constellation

Family Constellations Coaching offers a therapeutic approach aimed at delving into family dynamics, ancestral patterns, and systemic influences impacting individual well-being.

Biodification Practitioner and Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual Coaching offers guidance for individuals on a quest to explore and deepen their spiritual journey.  Through personalized coaching sessions, participants embark on a transformative path of self-discovery and spiritual growth.

  • Aspirations: Mayela aims to reach more individuals as a healing channel, always open to learning, evolving, and willing to change perspectives when necessary.
  • Contributions to the Community or Society: She is committed to helping others and expanding consciousness within the community. Her focus is on making meaningful contributions without losing sight of her own well-being.

“Transforming the world one mind at a time”