At Meta Mind Group, we are dedicated to offering transparent pricing and personalized solutions, guaranteeing that our clients derive the utmost value from their coaching journey. We firmly believe that a coaching program represents an investment in personal or professional growth, with benefits that far outweigh the associated costs.

To ensure a customized experience, we provide a complimentary initial consultation. This allows clients to connect with their coach, discuss rates, packages, and services, and assess how our offerings align with their specific needs and objectives. Additionally, this introductory meeting serves to evaluate the rapport between the client and the coach, as establishing a strong connection is essential for a successful coaching relationship.

Our coaching services are diverse, with several factors influencing costs:

  1. Coach’s Experience: Rates may vary depending on the coach’s level of experience, with more seasoned
    coaches typically commanding higher fees due to their proven track record and specialized expertise.
  2. Type of Coaching: Specialized coaching, such as executive coaching, may incur higher costs compared to
    more generalized life coaching services.
  3. Session Duration: Longer or more frequent sessions may result in higher overall costs.
  4. Coaching Package: We offer discounted rates for clients who opt for packages containing multiple sessions.
  5. Additional Resources: The inclusion of assessments or supplementary materials may impact the overall
    cost of coaching services.
  6. Organization Sponsorship: Some employers may cover coaching expenses as part of their employees’
    professional development initiatives.